The Secret Spa Update

Last update: 23/02/2021

We are re-opening on Tuesday 13th April 2021

Online Booking now open

If you are not yet on our email mailing list, and want to be updated regularly and receive offers - please email

Contacting us during lockdown If you have messaged us via email, social media or voice mail, As we are closed, we are not monitoring our inbox's as often as usual. Please be patient in our reply. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


 In some cases, we have tried to reply to your emails but your email providers have rejected our emails as spam/junk, please contact us via phone when we re-open or use social media to contact us if you have not heard back yet. Thank you.


The best way to get in touch with us is via email


Deposits (made over the phone or cash/card in the salon) If you have a deposit on an appointment that's booked during lockdown 0.3; to help support us please keep your deposit on your account until we re-open and then use it towards the next time we see you.


If you would prefer a refund on a deposit, please email with your name, phone number, date and time of appointment and the amount you deposited. We will refund you ASAP. Thank you

Online Bookings When you book online, you pay a small booking fee that also acts as a deposit towards your treatment(s). As stated in the T&C's when booking, that fee/deposit (£0.60p-£2) is non-refundable should you cancel your appointment. You can however re-schedule to keep it. The small amount taken from your bank account is directly taken by our online system provider as their commission. The small deposit/booking fee is non-refundable but is transferable. 

When Will You Re-open? Tuesday 13th April 2021


(We closed our doors at 3 pm 24th December 2020.)

Can I Book Now For The Future? Yes, our online booking system is now open


Treatcard Rewards Unfortunately until we are 'back on track' we are not in the position to be honoring complementary treatments or products. This last year has hit us hard financially and unexpectedly. We hope that you understand that sadly we will have to cancel all reward treatments that are upcoming. Please note that this does not mean we are deducting any points from your account. This also includes a freeze on Birthday Vouchers until the salon is in a better position to offer freebies. 

Treatcard T&C;S


Our Loyalty program is on trial, beginning 1st August 2020 for 1 year (also in the T&C's) and can be changed at anytime at our discretion.


The Skin Dr. At The Secret Spa Next clinic date 24th April 2021- booking now open

Gift Vouchers


If you have a valid gift voucher - from 24th December 2020 we have frozen your voucher. All vouchers will be extended by the exact amount of days we remain close, plus leeway TBC when we re-open, this will be expressed in an email and on social media (Facebook & Instagram). When we re-open, please use your voucher within its expiry date. If you are unsure on the expiry date, please contact us.


Gift Vouchers can be bought online using this link;

All vouchers purchased online during lockdown 0.3 will have an expiry of 12 months, normally 6 months, and will start once we re-open in 2021.

PLEASE NOTE it is your responsibility to book an appointment and redeem your voucher within its expiry date. It is not our duty to contact individuals to use their vouchers / remind you. Thank you


Christmas Vouchers 2020 If you bought a voucher for someone or received a voucher Christmas 2020 the pre set expiry date on that voucher is 30th June 2021. Your new expiry date will begin on our opening date in 2021 for 6 months, plus 6 months leeway - a total of 12 months to use your voucher on services or products.


You can use your voucher on products now by clicking the link at the top of the email 'ONLINE STORE'. As soon as we can re-open clients will be informed via email and social media. Please take responsibility for your voucher and use it within its expiry date. For voucher queries please contact us at

Christmas Voucher 2019 The pre set expiry date was 30th June 2020. These vouchers were all extended by 4 months due to the first lock down and therefore expired on the 30th October 2020. This information was expressed on social media, marketing emails and has been on our website since re-opening July 14th 2020. It is your responsibility to use your voucher, in future please contact us to check on your voucher extension date.


We understand it has been an unusual and difficult year for everyone, and you may have forgotten about your voucher, not had time to use it or not been able to use it for several reasons. As a business, The Secret Spa must stand strong by our policy’s in order to remain open and continue to grow. Thank you for understanding.


If you were unable to use your voucher due to a tragic circumstance, please get in touch.