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Alternative Holistics

Sinus Clearing Hopi-ear Candle Treatment 50 min - £55
Help clear your sinuses, ear and lymphatic system with this relaxing facial. Includes a soothing Hopi-ear candle treatment, lymph and sinus facial massage using tiny hot stones to melt away the tension and blockages.
Hopi-ear Candle treatment 20min - £25
An express treatment that includes only Hopi-Ear candling

Reiki Healing £45 - 60 mins 

A spiritual energy changing treatment to deeply calm the mind, body and soul. Please click here for detailed information

Other Alternative Treatments that you can find under our Massage category on our online booking system;

Indian Head Massage

The most relaxing massage that will definitely send you into a blissful state of mind. At The Secret Spa Indian head massage is done lying down so that you completely relax and drift off.  Using aromatherapy oils, your hands, arms, décolleté, neck, face and head are slowly rhythmically massaged. This holistic massage benefits anyone who desires a deeper level of relaxation. This massage also helps people who suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia and other illnesses.

Includes Hands, Arms, Head & Neck OR full time on your Head & Neck for deeper relaxation 45 min - £55

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