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Hands, Feet & Nail Treatments

all treatments come with a complimentary drink
so sit back, put your feet up and relax...

for your hands

Manicure with Polish £30
File, Cuticle tidy, nourishing hand cream and Polish

Manicure with Gel/BIAB £37
File, Cuticle tidy, nourishing hand cream and gel finish

Manicure, Soak off & Fresh Gel £45.50
Removal of old gel by acetone, manicure and new gel or BIAB applied. BIAB is no extra charge

BIAB (Builder Gel) Infill £45.50
Removal of old gel by E-file, manicure, infill and fresh colour applied

NAVY Full Manicure with Gel or Polish Finish £50
File, cuticle removal, exfoliation, hand mask in heated mitts, hand & arm massage with Shellac finish 

Gel Removal & Manicure £22
Time for a gel break? Have your gels removed, nail file and cuticle tidy, Keratin nail repair treatment, cuticle oil to replenish your nails and hand cream - leaving your hands perfectly manicured

Add on's
French finish + £4
Nail art + £1 per nail
Swarvoski crystals + £1 per nail


for your feet

Pedicure with Polish £33
File, cuticle tidy, hydrating foot cream and polish

Pedicure with Gel £40
File, cuticle tidy, hydrating foot cream and gel finish

Pedicure, Soak off & Fresh Gel - £48.50
Removal of old gel, nail cut, nail file, cuticle tidy and fresh gel applied. Finish of with a mini foot massage with hydrating cream

Lyco'pedi Luxury Spa Pedicure - with Polish or gel £64
This is the pedicure you have been looking for, the full works! We begin by spritzing your feet with our lime & peppermint sanitising spray, then we begin to buff dead & dry skin away, then using our sugar scrub that's packed with vitamin E & Marine collagen we exfoliate hard skin on the lower leg & foot. To follow is an intense hydrating masque with Hyaluronic Acid, Shea butter and Vitamins and we place your feet in heated booties for a better absorption and ultimate feeling of relaxation. Then enjoy a foot massage before we tidy your cuticles, file/cut your nails and apply your chosen polish.

Add on's
French finish + £4
Nail art + £1 per nail
Swarvoski crystals + £1 per nail


Q & A'S


What gel system do you use at The Secret Spa? We have over 100 highly pigmented Gel Bottle colours and use BIAB (a builder gel to help weaker nails grow longer and last longer!) We LOVE The Gel Bottle because our client's always get between 2-4 weeks wear out of each set! The Gel Bottle have over 300+ colours to order from, so if you are after a certain colour we have colour booklet you can chose from and we will order it in for you. Gel has zero drying time, so no more waiting around or risking any smudges! The Gel Bottle is cruelty free, vegan and free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phithalate, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, Triphenol Phosphate, Sulfate or Sulphate, Parabens.

What Other brands do you use? For an ultimate pampering experience we use the amazing Lyco'Pedi range by Lycon for all of our pedicures! The range contains 

Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Vitamins, nature’s own miracle moisturiser to Rejuvenate and re-energise tired feet.

All of our clients LOVE the smell of our berry manicure range by Kaeso, giving your hands a full luxurious spa treatment.

If you are booking in for a normal polish manicure, we use CND's Vinylux range that can last upto 7 days no chip with the correct after care. Please remember its advised that you let your nails completely dry for at least 30 mins before returning to normal duties, and remember to bring open toe shoes if your having a pedicure.


How can I make my varnish /gel nails to last? We reccomend that you use gloves when doing any housework or washing up to protect your nails. Using your nails as tools can also lift / chip the gel and seperate it from your nail plate. For example, picking cellotape or scratching something will make the gel lift. Also, do not bite or chew your nails. 


How long does gel last? Gel is advertised to last upto 2 weeks chip free, however with the right after care we often have clients returning after 3-4 weeks for a fresh set or removal. Our promise is if your nails chip within the first 14 days we will repair them for you free of charge. 

How do I take my gel off? We provide a gel soak of treatment that includes a mini manicure and nail rescue treatment for £18.


If you are having a fresh set of gel then the soak off is included in the price (£40). Alternatively, you can remove the gel at home by using neat acetone, cotton wool and tin foil. We also sell a gel remover kit for £9.99, use up to 3 times.

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