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Massage Therapy
Massage and relaxation is at the heart of The Secret Spa. Our candle lit therapy rooms each have heated zero gravity massage beds to ensure deep relaxation and comfort. We have specially selected the most calming and tranquil music to help your mind, body and soul unwind. We use heated aromatherapy oils during all of our treatments.

 The Secret Spa Signature Massage

Our massage treatments are 100% bespoke

Everybody's needs and preferences are different, that's why we have changed the way we do our treatments.
Sometimes, its confusing reading through all the different types of massages and not seeing exactly what you want. 
We have made it simpler for you, to ensure we deliver the perfect treatment for you every time

1st Step 
Decide on the length of time you need, 35, 50 or 80 minuets
2st Step
Choose your therapist, based on what combination of techniques, massage tools and pressures you want during your treatment
Ability to do aromatherapy style massage, Swedish massage, hot stones massage, India head massage and body massage at a light to medium pressure

Advanced Therapist
Ability to do aromatherapy style massage, Swedish massage, hot stones massage, India head massage, deep tissue massage, bamboo massage and body massage at a light to firm pressure
3rd Step
Book your appointment via the booking link online, or call us 01925558080 for assistance
Treatment Time
35 min
50 min
80 min
Appointment Time
50 min
65 min
95 min
On the day of your appointment, please arrive at least 5 minuets early so you can start relaxing. Your appointment time has 15 minuets included for a consultation, and time to undress/redress. During your consultation, your therapist will ask you what you need from the treatment. This is your chance to explain exactly what pressure you like, what area(s) you need massaging and what you want to gain from your treatment - i.e relaxation, work on knots, de-stress, uplifting of mood etc. Included in all signature massages is the use of massage tools (hot stones and/or bamboo). If you are unsure what to ask for, we have left some ideas below, and your therapist can plan a bespoke treatment for you on the day.

Massage Ideas



A light to medium pressure massage, slow and rhythmic using specially blended aromatherapy oils to complement your mood. Choose from Invigorating and Calming aromas. Aromatherapy can help with stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and other illnesses as well as being intensely relaxing


Therapeutic Touch

A Swedish massage tailed to what your body needs. A mixture of pressures, techniques and speed leaving your body recharged and energized. Medium - Firm Pressure

Hot Stone Therapy

The heat from the hot stones warm the muscle tissue up faster, allowing it to relax and expand. Then using kneading and other massage techniques stress, tension and knots can be realised. The heat of the stones is extremely relaxing. Light - Medium pressure

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage reaches deeper layers of the muscle, tendons and fascia. Using a firm pressure and slow speed, muscles can be targeted on a deeper level. Areas that are under a lot of chronic tension and need relieving will most benefit. Firm pressure

Indian Head Massage - this treatment has its own booking link

The most relaxing massage that will definitely send you into a blissful state of mind. At The Secret Spa Indian head massage is done lying down so that you completely relax and drift off.  Using your choice of aromatherapy oils, your hands, arms, décolleté, neck, face and head are slowly rhythmically massaged. This holistic massage benefits anyone who desires a deeper level of relaxation. This massage also helps people who suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia and other illnesses.

De-knot Me Massage

The perfect massage to help with aches, pains and deep knots. This massage has a mix of techniques and stretches using bamboo and hot stones to really dig out your knots! Our highly skilled therapists use their thumbs and elbows on pressure points that release the tension. A firm and vigorous massage recommended for either your back, neck & shoulders or your legs & feet, or for 80 minutes the whole of the back of your body. Firm pressure

Warm Bamboo Massage

Heated bamboo shoots are firmly massaged over the muscles to iron out tension and knots. This is a deep tissue massage that promotes an extreme sensation of relaxation and tension realise. Very firm pressure

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